Financial benefits of Renting

  • Great availability of cars.
  • Optimization of resources and unification of billing processes.
  • Maximizes the management of the life cycle of the vehicle (purchase, maintenance, repairs, sales, etc.).
  • It is exonerated from the risks inherent to ownership of property.

Financial benefits of Renting

  • It increases the cash flow and does not restrict indebtedness capacity.
  • Lower financial cost (net present value) than that obtained through financial leasing and that offered by the fleet ownership scheme.
  • Optimize costs related to the operation and maintenance of your fleet, as your company will benefit from significant economies of scale for spare parts, replacement vehicles, assistance, car shops, and warranty claims and retention.
  • There is no depreciation risk.
  • Tax benefit. It is 100% income tax deductible.
  • It improves financial performance of the company capital.

Strategic benefits of Renting

  • It allows focusing the capital/investment of the company in its main business (productive assets).
  • It improves results of management indicators related to efficiency in the use of assets and capital.
  • It allows focusing the capital/investment of the company in its core business (productive assets).

Know the differences between Renting and other systems

While Leasing only allows you to finance a good, Renting allows you to use it under better conditions, more complete services, avoiding the risks and financial commitments entailed when purchasing a car.