Benefits of Renting in Costa Rica

As is known, the Renting model includes services that are widely accepted by companies and independent professionals who need to outsource their vehicles in order to concentrate their cash flows on other projects, thus achieving better profitability in their businesses.

Much has been discussed about the advantages and disadvantages of Renting and other financial leasing models, based on whether it is more profitable to use short and long-term rentals or financing.

The truth is that the need for business continuity in recent years, combined with the context generated by the Covid-19 pandemic, has increased preference for Renting because it is more flexible.

Why is Renting in Costa Rica the best option?

One of the advantages of Renting in current times is a more accurate handling of financial risk and economic uncertainty.

The country's situation requires businesses in both San Jose and the rest of the provinces to have flexible strategies and powerful, less expensive, and more efficient fleet acquisition models. If we add to this the possibility of hiring an "all-inclusive" service without the requirement of a purchase option at the end of the contract, the alternative is undoubtedly a winner.

When projects require vehicles for periods of, for example, 12 months or less, it is highly recommended to opt for short-term rentals. This service can be obtained with the regular fleet of Adobe Rent a Car. However, if the need is for long-term rentals to supplement your own fleet, the advantages of Renting are even greater, as it will transfer your fleet operation to Total Fleet, allowing you to concentrate your commercial and operational efforts on your business.

What is most important for our Renting clients in Costa Rica?

The benefits of a fixed monthly fee throughout the entire contract period guarantee a clear and transparent budget, in addition to managing cash flow more efficiently. If any of your vehicles were to have an accident, with Total Fleet you can count on a replacement vehicle service in a short time to continue your operation.

Every year, the payment of road tax and the technical inspection (ITV) is made. The appointments for the technical inspection are coordinated with the Valet service directly with the user or fleet manager. Emergency service and 24-hour assistance are available throughout the country for all Total Fleet users. The vehicles have insurance that includes coverage of liability in damages to third parties and the contracted vehicle.

Preventive maintenance tasks are coordinated directly with the car user, so management, coordination, delivery, and receipt times are reduced. Unlike leasing contracts, the fee is 100% deductible from ISR, one of its best tax advantages.

A clear focus and efficient attention.

As a Renting company in Costa Rica, Adobe Total Fleet understands and caters to the needs of businesses, small and medium enterprises, and entrepreneurs by focusing its strategy on providing advice from selecting the right type of vehicles to their resale.

In a commitment to improve clients' efficiency levels, Total Fleet has a specialized team to attend to queries, assistance, training, and legal management services, so that the end client's operation is not affected, nor does it consume extra time or money in the process.

Renting Benefits

Benefits of Corporate Renting vs Leasing Operations

  • Wide availability of vehicles with terms of less than 5 years.
  • Resources are optimized and billing processes are unified (insurance, road tax, technical inspection, maintenance, etc.).
  • The entire life cycle of vehicles is managed.
  • Risks of ownership are eliminated.
  • Internal user services are improved in terms of quality and attention.
  • Administrative tasks are released from the company.
  • All-inclusive fees with fixed deductible insurance.
  • Improved operational and logistical performance.

Advantages of financial renting

  • Increase in cash flow.
  • No upfront premiums or high security deposits.
  • Does not limit the company's borrowing capacity.
  • Lower net present value (NPV) compared to other financial leasing or ownership models.
  • Cost optimization related to fleet operation and maintenance thanks to Adobe's economies of scale in spare parts, replacement cars, workshops, assistance, warranties, and others.
  • Does not assume the risk of future depreciation.
  • Fixed monthly payment without interest rates.
  • Financial savings due to capital availability and transferred economies of scale.

Advantages of tax leasing

  • Fixed monthly fee that is 100% deductible from the income tax.

Strategic Benefits of Renting

  • Enables you to focus your capital and investments on your core business.
  • Improves management indicators related to asset utilization and capital efficiency.
  • Provides flexibility to explore new business opportunities with different types of contracts.
  • Competitive rates that allow access to contracts tailored to each project.

We would be happy to coordinate a consultation to validate your requirements and offer you the best advantages of renting according to your business. Contact us at 2542-4800 or email us at [email protected].