Long-term car rental in Costa Rica with a Renting model.

The most cost-effective way to acquire and manage your company's vehicles is through long-term car rental using the renting model in Costa Rica.

Vehicle selection advice

We work with the main car agencies such as Grupo Q, Veinsa, Inchcape, Honda, Autostar, Corimotors, Nissan, Renault, among others.

Purchase and sale of the car(s).

We negotiate the best possible rate when purchasing the car.


Complete package of coverage with previously negotiated deductibles.

Fleet management.

Administrative management of insurance, taxes, maintenance, repairs, among others.

Management of accidents/claims.

Assistance, management, legal procedures, collection and payment of compensation, repairs, among others related to claims management.

Vehicle registration fees

Annual ownership costs, mandatory annual insurance, and annual vehicle technical inspection.


Preventive and corrective maintenance control.

Substitute vehicle.

In case of an accident or maintenance work that takes more than 24 hours, a substitute vehicle from our fleet will be provided.*

Roadside assistance.

Bilingual call center available 24/7 with nationwide coverage.


Services of GPS, tracker, alarms, tinted windows, bodywork or other accessories.

We work with the main car agencies and brands.


All you need to know about renting

Discover the trend-setting pay-per-use vehicle model and learn about all the advantages of leasing a private car or outsourcing your fleet.