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Long-term vehicle rental in Costa Rica under the Renting model.

The most cost-effective way to acquire and manage your company cars is through the long-term rental of vehicles through the Renting model in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Car Renting

Advice on the choice of the car

We work with the main car agencies: Grupo Q, Quality Motors, Veinsa, Vetrasa, Agencia Datsun, Purdy Motors, and Nasa, among others.

Renta de carros y autos costa rica

Purchase and sale of car(s).

We negotiate the best possible rate for purchasing the car with our best fleet management.

transporte y renting costa rica


Complete package of insurance coverage with previously negotiated deductible.


Fleet management

Administrative management of insurance, taxes, maintenance, and repairs, among others.

Servicio y atención al cliente personalizada

Disaster management

Assistance, paperwork, legal process, collections, and payment of compensation and repairs, among others.


Ownership expenses

Annual circulation rights, annual compulsory insurance, and annual technical car revision.

Promociones de tanque de gasolina gratis costa rica


Preventive and corrective maintenance control.

Carros y agencias de rentar automóviles

Replacement vehicles

In case of accident or maintenance work that takes longer than 24 hours, a replacement car will be provided from our fleet.*

Soporte en renta y transporte de carros

Roadside assistance

Bilingual call center, available 24 hours a day, with coverage throughout the country.

gps carros renting


GPS services, tracker, alarms, tinted glasses, bodywork, or other accessories.


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