Get to know us

Adobe Total Fleet is a division ofAdobe Rent a Car. We specialize in operational leasing of our vehicle fleet. It is a 100% Costa Rican company that has more than 29 years of experience in the car rental market, offering the highest levels of quality in fleet management. We are experts in solving your transportation needs through our qualified staff and a service platform that currently serves more than 1,600 vehicles.

Renting concept

Rentingconsists of an operational lease of car fleets or long-term fleet rental, which resolves issues related to financing, purchasing, ownership, maintenance, and administration of car fleets required by companies.

The objective of Renting is to facilitate using the asset without buying it, under the best conditions and with the most complete service possible.

For whom is the vehicle fleet renting service?

It is for companies that require, due to the nature of their business, effective transportation solutions that allow them to focus on their “main business” and outsource the Company Car or Car Plan for Directors or Managers, as well as fleets for sales and distribution departments, supervisors, and others.

Know the differences between Renting and other systems

While Leasing only allows you to finance an asset, Renting allows you to use it under better conditions, more complete services, avoiding the risks and financial commitments entailed when purchasing a car.